Our Journey


Shikshapth’s journey started in 2001 with a small population of forty students. The path to a bigger dream stayed fresh in our hearts and kept us moving towards extending our family.


We started working with specially-abled students. Introduction of special educators, counselors and subject experts acted as a boon for the growth of these students and the Shikshapth family as a whole..


An NGO under the name of Shreprada Education Society was established. This NGO conducted workshops in collaboration with schools and helped identify student needs. The research & exploration gave a fresh perspective to our work methodology, turning it into a more efficient one.


We volunteered sessions for students and parents to bridge the gaps. Expanding our wings overseas and following the changes due to worldwide pandemic, Shikshapth grew from a conventional classroom to a virtual classroom. Currently building a strong presence overseas in countries like Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan, Shikshapth is actively innovating the education process, making it interactive, fun and holistic for its students.

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Our Mission is to provide high-quality courses to ensure the holistic development of a child. We aim for mental, social, physical, and moral development in an academic-rich environment, sowing seeds for a successful career ahead while imbibing universal values.


Our vision is to develop kids from all across the globe into intellectually, emotionally and physically balanced individuals with creative and curious insight for success in life.


Students are empowered with skills and attitudes for the rapidly changing times, developing respect, concern, and sensitivity towards the environment and maintaining respect for various cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. Our institution will continue to create a safe and effective learning environment, enabling individuals to reach the greatest potential in life with ample opportunities to shine up with flying colors.

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Our Team

Pooja Bhatia

 HOD of the foundation courses and special education department at Shreeprada Educational Society (NGO)

Tanvi Jain

HOD of Reasoning & Maths Science Department

Amrit Varsha Rajpal

HOD of Hindi and Sanskrit Department

Bhumika Kataria

HOD of the Kindergarten department and a special educator

Mansi Sahni Kohli

Member of Advisory Committee

Neha Pandhi Batra

 Member of Advisory Committee

Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Starting our journey with just 40 students in 2001 in India, Shikshapth has now spread in various countries like Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, & more. We believe in the 360-degree holistic development of children and have evolved our teaching process by combining courses that lead to their overall development. Starting from academics to logical thinking, creativity to compassion, intellect to the imagination, we have everything under one roof. With an expertise of 20 plus years, the mentors here are skillful professionals guiding and shaping student’s way into the world. Also, the classroom shows a lot of diversity and provides an opportunity for your child to interact with students across the globe. Discover the hidden capabilities of your child and allow us to shape and mold their future into successful humans.

–  Meenu Kapoor

Director, Shikshapth Educational Institute