Nurturing Minds with Shikshapath: Innovative Mental Maths Activities for Kids

Nurturing Minds with Shikshapath: Innovative Mental Maths Activities for Kids

At Shikshapath, we believe that education is not just about learning; it’s about experiencing. Our approach to mental maths transcends traditional methods, cultivating a child’s intellect and creativity. Join us as we explore engaging activities that make mental maths a stimulating part of your child’s holistic growth.

The Benefits of Mental Maths

Mental maths is more than number crunching; it’s a path to intellectual empowerment. It’s a tool that enhances logical reasoning, supports emotional intelligence by building confidence, and sparks creativity through problem-solving. Shikshapath’s specialized programs are designed to maximize these benefits, creating a nurturing environment for children to flourish.

Activities for Different Age Groups

Ages 5-7: Foundations of Fun

  • At Shikshapath, we use tactile learning modules, like our ‘Maths Bead Maze’, to teach counting in a visually stimulating and hands-on manner.
  • ‘Maths Story Time’ integrates literature and numbers, cultivating a narrative around numbers that captivate young minds.
  • Our ‘Number of the Day’ ritual makes maths an exciting daily quest for knowledge and discovery.

Ages 8-10: Increasing Complexity

  • Our ‘Flashcard Showdown’ encourages friendly competition, reinforcing multiplication and division through play.
  • The ‘Maths Detective’ program nurtures a child’s inner sleuth, using maths puzzles that reveal exciting stories and adventures.
  • Shikshapath’s ‘Dice Decathlon’ is a series of dice-based games designed to quicken mental arithmetic in a group setting, fostering teamwork and social skills.

Ages 11+: Strategy and Challenge

  • Our ‘Mind Marathon’ sessions involve stimulating relay races that incorporate complex, multi-step mental maths challenges.
  • The ‘Estimation Station’ encourages children to make educated guesses, refining their analytical skills and understanding of probability.
  • Logic games like ‘Sudoku Challenges’ and ‘Pattern Quests’ are woven into the curriculum to strengthen strategic thought and concentration.

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Everyday Maths: Learning Beyond the Classroom

At Shikshapath, we understand that education extends far beyond the traditional classroom boundaries. We encourage parents to engage their children in mental maths through real-life applications, making maths both fun and functional. By integrating mathematical thinking into daily activities, children learn to appreciate its value and presence in every aspect of life.

For instance, involve your children in meal planning by asking them to weigh ingredients, thereby practicing their measurement and multiplication skills. Transform shopping trips into a budgeting exercise, setting a spending limit and challenging them to calculate discounts and taxes. When traveling, have your kids estimate the distance, time, and fuel consumption to reach a destination, which is a practical application of maths in everyday scenarios.

Shikshapath also recommends incorporating maths into playtime. Games that involve scoring, timing, or strategizing naturally incorporate maths and can significantly improve a child’s numerical agility. We advocate for ‘Maths in Motion’ where children can apply geometry through building blocks or sports to understand shapes, angles, and distances.

Resources for Parents and Educators

Shikshapath is committed to empowering educators and parents with a robust arsenal of resources that inspire and facilitate mathematical exploration. Our carefully curated selection of tools includes innovative lesson plans, interactive activities, and engaging workbooks that align with our philosophy of immersive learning.

We offer workshops and webinars that equip educators with the latest pedagogical strategies and insights into child psychology, enhancing their ability to teach maths effectively. Our parent seminars focus on how to create a supportive home environment that nurtures a child’s curiosity and confidence in maths.

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Our resource library provides access to a wealth of materials, including:

  • Thematic units that weave mathematical concepts into stories and real-world issues.
  • Printable games and puzzles that challenge and entertain while building maths skills.
  • A selection of vetted online resources, including instructional videos, educational apps, and maths blogs that offer diverse perspectives and approaches to learning maths.

These resources are designed to create a collaborative ecosystem for learning, where teachers and parents work in harmony to guide children towards mathematical proficiency and a love for learning.

Incorporating Technology

In the digital age, technology is a powerful ally in the education of children, and Shikshapath is at the forefront of this revolution. We incorporate cutting-edge digital tools and platforms to create an interactive and personalized learning experience in mental maths.

Our online portals offer a variety of maths activities that come to life through engaging animations and challenges that adapt to each child’s learning pace. We harness the capabilities of AI to provide real-time feedback, ensuring that every child understands concepts before moving on to more complex ones.

Interactive whiteboards and tablets are utilized in our classrooms to facilitate dynamic learning sessions. These tools allow educators to demonstrate abstract maths concepts through vivid illustrations and simulations, catering to various learning styles.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset: The Shikshapath Approach to Overcoming Maths Anxiety

Shikshapath recognizes that a significant barrier to embracing mathematics is the anxiety that often accompanies it. We are committed to transforming this mindset by nurturing resilience and a love for problem-solving from an early age. Our approach is rooted in the concept of ‘growth mindset’ – the belief that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

Our educators are trained to recognize the signs of maths anxiety and address them with empathy and effective strategies. We introduce students to the stories of great mathematicians who also struggled but persevered, reinforcing that mistakes are milestones on the path to understanding.

To cultivate this mindset, we incorporate activities that reward effort over correctness, promote positive self-talk, and encourage reflective practices. Our ‘Challenge Accepted’ sessions provide a safe space for students to tackle problems without the fear of failure, fostering a can-do attitude towards learning and growth.

By equipping students with the right emotional tools and support, Shikshapath ensures that every child can approach maths with confidence and curiosity, ready to unlock the wonders of the universe with the key of mathematics.


Shikshapath’s philosophy is that a child’s education is the most valuable investment in their future. Through our mental maths activities and holistic educational approach, we’re dedicated to nurturing sharp minds and bright futures. Join us on this transformative journey of learning and growth.